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Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys

Al Ain Educational Investments is seeking to take part in providing distinctive educational opportunities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through opening high quality reputed schools that meet International Standards.

The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys provide modern methodology in education, develops leadership and good citizenship, provides a suitable learning environment that will be useful in civilian life and promotes the national identity to prepare students for the future.
The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys aims to honor the past and educate for the future by developing confident, responsible and caring young people of integrity who are well educated and prepared to meet the challenges in an ever-changing world.

The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys opened its doors to students in September 2015. Stretching across 22,000 sqm, with capacity for 1400 students from KG1 to Gr12.


The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys is develop 21st century skills through an American curriculum, which is interdisciplinary, integrated and project-based, utilizing modern educational methods. The School environment moves from ‘closed buildings’ to ‘nerve centers’, with porous and transparent walls, connecting teachers, students and the community to the world of knowledge.

The educational system is outcome-based, and the curriculum prepares students for the 21st Century. It will be project-based, and research-driven, incorporating thinking skills, multiple intelligence, technology and multimedia. It is designed to challenge all students’ skills and individual differences through research and practice, connecting previous knowledge with personal experience, interests, talents and passions. It also enhances curiosity, which is fundamental to lifelong learning, in addition to excitement and encouragement driving learners to continue learning after the school day.


The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys will also provides a cadet education which will help prepare young people for all walks of life and encourages active involvement in local communities. Involvement in a Cadet Force helps build skills and, using military themes based upon the culture and ethos, will foster confidence, self-reliance, initiative, loyalty and a sense of service to others. Cadets will have the chance to learn new skills and engage in adventurous activities in disciplined and well-structured organizations.


For more information visit: www.zayedacademy.ae/boys